Marketing Program

Market Advisory Service Specifically
for Grain Producers

Farmer's Marketing Program from Zenger Management, Inc.

The farmer's advocate in the complex arena of grain marketing.

Zenger Marketing Program

A personal marketing consultant to help you develop a personal, tailored, marketing plan. Regular communication via phone, email, and text to assist you in executing the plan. Your grain sales, future positions, and contracts are listed on the Zenger Marketing Report so the past, present, and future can be analyzed relative to the marketing plan and changing circumstances.

A personal marketing consultant to help you make decisions about marketing tools, contracts, and strategies. A consultant who "sees the grain market" through the eyes of the farmer—who sells a product—and not through the eyes of the commodity broker who trades futures or the grain merchant who trades basis.

A personal analyst who tries to state market conditions factually and simply . . .who is not in the entertainment business (selling advertisements), nor the brokerage business (creating commissions), nor the grain business (buying your grain). A personal consultant who is on your side, is your advocate, in the complex arena of grain marketing.

"Zenger Comments" are sent via email Monday through Thursday. The “comments” discuss that day’s market activity and provide information about outside markets pertinent to the grain trade.

"The Farmer’s Advocate" is the weekly newsletter sent Friday afternoon. The Advocate is a weekly summary of the grain trade and a discussion of important macroeconomic issues that influence the agricultural industry.

The annual fee for enrolling in the Zenger Marketing Program is 4¢ per bushel of normal production. For new enrollees there is a $4,000 minimum and a $8,000 maximum.

Subscription to Zenger writings:

The purpose of the daily "Zenger Comments" and Friday’s "The Farmer’s Advocate" is to assist enrollees in the Zenger Marketing Program. If you want to “look over our shoulder”, an annual subscription to the writings is available for $1,000.

The goal of grain marketing is to build equity through wise business decisions. Speculation is not part of a successful grain marketing plan.

- Rex Zenger

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Weekly market advisory excerpt:

Emotions are powerful, they are hard to control, and they often lead to poor decisions. Many grain marketing decisions are based on fear or greed—and not on logic, reason, or strategy. Greed comes in several colors. Greed causes us to hold high priced grain too long. Greed also causes us to stew about earlier sales. Greed entices us to risk more money on efforts to "make it back". To make good decisions in volatile times you need a purpose that is stronger than the emotion. The desire to protect your family from financial stress should be great enough to overpower the temptation to speculate. Purposing to create a peaceful and secure atmosphere in the home—versus one of tension and conflict—will help you stop rehearsing the unchangeable past in your mind.

   -Rex Zenger,
   The Farmer's Advocate