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We teach clients how to add significant value to their production...

Rex Zenger is a personal grain marketing consultant to farm families who want to make disciplined business decisions. Personal marketing plans are developed during the winter months when time is available and emotions are calm. Plans identify how much to price, to whom, for delivery when, and with what tool. Plans are constructed to mesh with the client’s marketing skills, philosophies, and risk. The best pricing opportunities historically occur during the planting and growing seasons—periods when time is short and emotions are high. A marketing plan is of no value if it is not executed. A busy farmer is more apt to execute sales if the plan contains specific and personal actions about who, what, when, where, and how. more!

We communicate with our about their personal marketing decisions....

We communicate with clients by phone, TEXT, and email. Clients are encouraged to call me on the phone to discuss personal decisions. Market "alerts" are sent via TEXT. A market commentary is emailed nightly unless I’m in the country making visits. The weekly newsletter, "The Farmer’s Advocate", is emailed and/or mailed on Friday afternoon.

The purpose of the communication is much more than giving recommendations. A good decision is an informed decision. And good marketing decisions beget more good marketing decisions. Nobody can predict price action. Sales made today often look wrong by tomorrow. History clearly teaches that a plan to "sell at the top" is a plan to fail. However, it is wise to make sales based on good information about cash flow needs, price history, technical indicators, and sound fundamental forecasts. A wise sale is successful business management regardless of tomorrow’s price action . . . and success begets more success. more!

The goal of grain marketing is to build equity through wise business decisions. Speculation is not part of a successful grain marketing plan.

- Rex Zenger

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Weekly market advisory excerpt:

This week corn gave back a chunk of its recent gain, soybeans treaded water waiting for direction from August weather, and "money" continued to push wheat prices higher. Outside money is always a big factor in the short-term price action in the grain trade. During early July, the trend following hedge funds aggressively covered short positions in Chicago wheat and switched from a net short to a modest net long position in corn and soybeans. Chart buying begets more chart buying. Fundamentals go below in this environment . . . technical indicators, fear, and greed take turns steering the boat...

   -Rex Zenger,
   The Farmer's Advocate